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Okinawa is the main producing region of shikuwasa

Located in Okinawa, Ogimi Village is one of the prominent villages in Japan known for longevity.

With a population of approximately 3,000, there are over 400 people who are over the age of 80. Also, not only are they living a long life, they are in such good health to where elders in their 80s and 90s are actively working at farms.

Researchers who study longevity conducted a research on the secrets of the Ogimi elders’ longevity, and found that the key was deeply connected to the consumption of healthy food and beverages. Out of which, shikuwasa  became the center of attention, particularly those grown in Ogimi.

shikuwasa , name in Okinawan language, is a citrus fruit which grows wildly in Okinawa and Taiwan.

Okinawa is the main producing region of shikuwasa  in Japan, and those grown in Ogimi account for 60% of the total produced in Okinawa. Okinawan people use shikuwasa  in place of lemon to consume with liquor, grilled fish, meats and salads. shikuwasa  is high in vitamin C, known to be anti-oxidants, and abundant in citric acid, which is effective for recovery from fatigue.

Additionally, among the various citric fruits, shikuwasa  has the highest content of nobiletin, a type of flavonoid. Nobiletin is said to have a cancer-suppressing effect, a blood glucose level and a blood pressure reducing activity.

According to the latest research, shikuwasa  may potentially cure Alzheimer’s Disease. We anticipate extensive research to support these results.