Where to shop in Okinawa? We gather all tax free shops in Okinawa prefecture!
Okinawa tax free shops shopping guide - Okinawa prefecture official site

from branded items to local products, everything!

Tax free shop okinawa provides vast amount of items!
from specialty goods to the branded goods, you will definitely find your desired items!

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    Branded goods are of course, Okinawa's specialty and famous goods that cannot be found in another shops are available here.

    The advantages of tax free shops are not only the reasonable price compares to ordinary shops. The tax free shops-limited edition, Japan pre-released items, etc. --the premium items are also available! we also provide okinawa's regional limited, rare, yet famous goods such as popular snacks.

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    You can enjoy shopping while traveling because of its accessibility to the sightseeing spots.

    Line up of wide variety of items such as cosmetics, fashions, liquors to souvenirs will arouse your shoping desires just by walking you around. Feel free to try luxury branded items, enjoy shoping wholehartedly.

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    We also provide reliable support foreign costumers. Please feel free and enjoy your shopping.

    Tax free shops Okinawa accepts payment by credit and debit cards, so you can securely enjoy your shopping.

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Well-stocked, You will definitely find your desired items

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Tax free shops Okinawa are distributed througout Okinawa!

Immediately accessible from sightseeing spots!